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Nym is the next generation of privacy infrastructure that is built to prevent data leakage from existing internet protocols.

Few reasons to be excited about Nym

  • Protect privacy at the network layer – Nym protects privacy at the network layer by encrypting and relaying your internet traffic through a multi-layered network called a mixnet. In each layer of the mixnet, mix nodes mix your internet traffic with that of other users, making communications private and hiding your metadata (e.g., your IP address, who you talk to, when and where, and more).
  • Incentivized and decentralized – The Nym mixnet is incentivized and decentralized. Nym includes a reward mechanism called “proof of mixing” where users can pledge an initial amount of NYM (the native token on the Nym network) to run a mix node, and then get rewarded in NYM tokens based on quality of service, doing the work of mixing packets and providing privacy for end users.
  • Works with any application – From Bitcoin to ZCash, no current “layer 1” blockchain provides “layer 0 privacy” for the peer-to-peer broadcasts used in every transaction that can resist even an adversary that can observe the entire network. Nym can provide network-level privacy for any blockchain and other generic applications.

About the token sale

The sale begins on February 9, 18:00 UTC, and includes two options:

Option 1:

  • Date: February 9, 18:00 UTC
  • Price: $0.50 per token
  • Asset: NYM token
  • Min/max: $100 min, $500 max
  • Lockup: Fully liquid on/around March 31, 2022 on CoinList-hosted wallets.
  • Supply: 50M

Option 2:

  • Date: February 9, 23:00 UTC
  • Price: $0.25 per token
  • Asset: NYM token
  • Min/max: $100 min, $1000 max
  • Lockup: Tokens release quarterly over 2 years starting on/around May 3, 2022 using Nym’s native Cosmos-enabled wallet.
  • Supply: 25M

The registration deadline is February 6, 23:59 UTC.

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