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Stader provides smart contract infrastructure for staking, helping users stake their assets conveniently and safely through its platform by building key staking middleware infrastructure for Proof-of-Stake networks.

Stader’s staking products target multiple customer segments including retail crypto users, exchanges, custodians, and mainstream fintech players.

Stader is building native smart contracts across multiple chains including Terra, Solana, Ethereum, Fantom, Hedera, Polygon, and building an economic ecosystem to grow and develop solutions like yield redirection with rewards, liquid staking, launchpads, gaming, and more. Stader’s modular smart contracts are built so that third parties can leverage their components and make custom solutions.

Token Sale details

Option 1:

January 25, 18:00 UTC
Price: $4.5
Min/max: $100 min, $500 max
Lockup & Release: 40-day lockup followed by 20% release every month starting on or around March 8, 2022
Supply: 3,000,000

Option 2:

January 25, 23:00 UTC
Price: $3.33
Min/max: $100 min, $500 max
Lockup & release: 3-month lockup followed by 20% release every 2 months starting on or around April 25, 2022
Supply: 3,000,000

Features of Stader

1. Growing network participation 

Stader has launched two staking products on Terra: Simplified staking (Stake Pools) and Liquid staking (LunaX). Since launching on November 23, 2021, these solutions have built significant traction in Terra’s DeFi ecosystem:

  • 14,000+ unique wallets staking
  • ~5.5 M Luna Staked
  • ~1.1 M Luna on LunaX <> Luna LP
  • 35,000+ strong community

2. Flexible Architecture 

As staking technology evolves, the Stader architecture allows flexibility to grow and incorporate new features. Extensibility is woven into Stader’s technical blueprint, with a system of highly-interactive smart contracts. Incorporating a new strategy or product features would require minor changes in a specific independent contract.

3. SD Token Utility 

The SD token has several core utilities across the Stader ecosystem, including preferential delegations, slashing insurance, rewards and discounts, governance, and development access to Stader infrastructure.

Registration deadline: January 23, 23:59 UTC Register here

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