All about ElevenMinutes

11Minutes is the first play2earn game series on the Blockchain. You can play new games with every session and win a life-changing prize

Features of 11Minutes

Low Initial Cost

To Participate in an 11Minutes Game Session you don’t need tons of money to get your Gaming ticket. To mint the NFTs you will need to pay roughly $45 and because we are on Polygon, you need to pay a gas fee lower than $0.01.

High Return

Getting a high rank in the leaderboard will bring you a high reward, as the fundings from the NFT Sales will go into the prize pool. The 1st place of a session can win up to $80,000 as a prize. Everyone in the top 25% will always win more than they invested.

New Game Each Session

With each new game session, you will have to play a new game. There will never be a returning game, so it will never get boring. You will have 11 minutes for each game to learn it and hit a high score.

NFT Staking

Besides getting into the top 25% of the leaderboard, you can use your NFTs for Staking. You will earn $ELVN or own token, which will be out this year. They ensure that every player will earn money with every NFT they hold and always get their initial investment back and earn money on top of that.

Token Functions

To ensure a working Ecosystem we added functions to the ELVN Token that ensure a stable price, ongoing staking rewards, and secured liquidity.

Liquidity Guarantee Program

3% of each transaction will be locked as liquidity on PancakeSwap and will ensure, that there is no risk of low liquidity. Adding liquidity with each transaction will also raise the price floor.


3% of each transaction will be distributed to ELVN holders. You will recognize a balance change in your wallet.

NFT Farming

3% of each transaction will be distributed to 11Minutes Players who hold NFTs in their wallets. While the NFTs are on Polygon Mainnet, the Tokens will be on Binance Smartchain. To see your Tokens you need to switch to Binance Smartchain.


50% of all the total Supply will be burned in time. 1% of each transaction will be transferred to the burn address. With every 100,000 NFTs minted, 10% of the burning reserve will be transferred. After the total burn amount reaches 500,000,000, the burn fee will be set to 0%.

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