All about Bit.Country

Bit.Country is a decentralized world – putting community first. Everyone can start their own metaverse with the token economy and DAO.

We are building a network with an open protocol for managing & incentivizing communities using gamification.

The concept is uniquely invented and inspired by the decentralization paradigm. Its vision is to allow anyone (especially new users to the blockchain) to create their communities, economies as Bit Country on the blockchain network.

The main idea of Bit.Country is the opportunity for everyone to build its own community, where bit country owners can set their own rules and formats and bring or create its own token to incentivize followers and contributors.

Tokens, NFTs and Marketplaces

Landlord can create or import his own currency to incentivize people to contribute to the community. This currency can be spent by community members to buy assets, to pay for services or even to participate in community governance. Incentive rules are set by the landowner and can be performed in a huge variety of forms (content creating, holding events, shares, etc).

Promotion of the digital assets will be provided by several mechanisms: for example , NFT owners can display it on advertizable slots and launch a token airdrop next to it or they can attach NFT to smart assets, which have attractive activities


Ethereum Compatibility Layer

We enable WASM and Ethereum-compatible smart contract for developers to build dApps and games to run on our network.

Powered by Substrate

Our network is built with Susbtrate with a rich set of primitives that allows developers to make use of powerful, familiar programming idioms. It supports forkless upgrade.


Cross-chain interoperability enables the transfer of any type of NFT asset or token.

Low Gas Fee

Operating on Polkadot NPoS infrastructure allows our network to maximize value-exchange while protecting resources.


Our staking protocol is designed to incentivize good community behavior whilst discouraging bad behavior. This ensures the network stays secure.


A decentralized network governed by NUUM Holders, the stakeholders shape the future of our network and individual metaverses.

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