All you need to know about Kepler Dao

Kepler DAO helps to grow your wealth using DeFi tools- Bond and Stake to earn compound interest and mine rewards by participating in governance.

Kepler is a DeFi investment protocol based on the KEEPER (KPR) token backed by the Kepler treasury. Each KPR is backed by assets in the Kepler treasury which consists of a diversified pool of KPR-stable coin LP tokens, stable coins such as USDC, DAI, etc, and tokens from other protocols where the treasury invests.

How is this different from a traditional VC model?

  • Just like TradFi, private capital also suffers from the problems of incentive alignment. There are some wins through a carried interest given to the gatekeepers, but the fact that all three participating parties are different, interest alignment is not 100%.

  • KeplerDAO allows for the community to be an active participant in the capital formation process. What this means is — activities are coordinated real-time with the community in the form of consensus mechanisms such as voting. This has a huge implication in how feedback is collected, analysed and executed by the pods working on the enterprise funded by the community treasury.

  • To incentivise long-term participation by each community member, the treasury SPV (tSPV) is inherently designed to accumulate profits and distribute it to the treasury KEEPers (a.k.a. stakers) at a growing rate. By this we mean, we don’t need the value of our treasury per se to grow exponentially to be able to give non-linearly growing returns. So even if KEEPers start with 20% profit allocation from the treasury profit, the net accruals over time are much, much larger due to a multiplier effect.



Grow the treasury

Deposit assets and LP tokens to earn $KEEPER tokens at discounted price


Earn APYs

Earn compounded yields by staking #KEEPER and see your investment grow automatically

Earn Rewards

Participate in Governance

The protocol policies are owned by you, The KEEPER community and rewards for sound policy decisions are for you to keep.

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