All you need to know about Adalend

The ADALend protocol will power the new wave of flexible financial markets by serving as a foundational layer for instant loan approval, automated collateral, trustless custody, and liquidity.

It’s a system with a series of blockchain-based peer-to-peer protocols and applications that requires no access right for easy trading of financial tools, borrowing, and lending. As earlier said, DeFi makes use of smart contracts—these are automated enforceable agreements that require no intermediaries to execute and can be accessed by everyone and anyone with an internet connection.

Features of ADAlend


Lend on any pairing. Our governance will ensure that the best offers are available and that only the safest oracles are used.

Incentivised Liquidity

Liquidity is predicated on having enough assets in each pool in order to facilitate lending. ADALend addresses this requirement by incentivising users to deposit assets and provide liquidity.

Community Governance

Token holders can establish consensus by voting on governance proposals or introducing new proposals for a vote.

Ecosystem Foundation Layer

Attract assets and build incentives that can empower an ecosystem of financial products.

Green Blockchain

Blockchains of the future will be required to have a lower impact on the environment, working efficiently without consuming enormous amounts of energy to remain operational. Cardano has been one of the most energy-efficient blockchains in the industry. 1.6 million times lower than bitcoin and well below the average level of high market capitalization coins.

Cardano has also announced its partnership with Veritree creating “The First Global Cardano Impact Challenge,” an initiative that aims to reinvest donations into replanting trees worldwide

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