All you need to know about Amp Token

Amp is described as the new digital collateral token offering instant, verifiable assurances for any kind of value transfer. Using Amp, networks like Flexa can quickly and irreversibly secure transactions for a wide variety of asset-related use cases.

How does Amp work?

Amp claims to offer a straightforward but versatile interface for verifiable collateralization through a system of collateral partitions and collateral managers. Where collateral partitions can be designated to collateralize any account, application, or even transaction, and carry balances that are directly verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain, collateral managers are smart contracts that can lock, release, and redirect collateral in these partitions as needed in order to support value transfer activities.

Features of Amp Token

Collateral as a service.

Amp collateralization is tested, audited, and freely available for anyone to use. It’s easy to build apps that lock and unlock Amp on-demand to secure transfers, enable lending, and make value move more quickly.

Extensible and open-source.

Amp was designed to be as flexible and future-proof as possible. Amp’s open-source license makes it possible to create and deploy custom collateral managers for your app to interface with Amp on your own terms.


When new projects adopt Amp, existing implementations benefit from increased liquidity and decentralization, which in turn reduces volatility and enhances collateral quality as a result of the token’s fixed supply.


Amp doesn’t discriminate based on consensus mechanism or form of asset. Any kind of transfer—whether digital or physical—can use Amp as collateral to secure transactions.

The live Amp price today is $0.051001 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $59,021,246 USD. We update our AMP to USD price in real-time. Amp is up 12.17% in the last 24 hours.

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