All you need to Know About Mintlayer

Mintlayer is A future-proof blockchain that improves direct token interoperability and enables ways to trade value, creates systems, functionalities, and participate in truly trustless finance.


Delivering scalability

Transaction batching shrinks TX size up to 70%, reducing fees and network pollution, while the second-layer Lightning Network increases transaction throughput.

Enhancing decentralization

Less barriers to run a node helps achieve true decentralization. Further, the built-in DEX allows direct P2P transfers without the risk of censorship or interference.

Increasing interoperability

Multi-token usability across the network. Cross-blockchain transfers, several token transaction grouping, or even peg-in/out are all possible and hassle-free on Mintlayer.

Providing security

Dynamic Slot Allotment (DSA) consensus refines PoS and eliminates its flaws by enhancing network security with the help of Bitcoin’s blockchain.

Enabling privacy

UTXO structure and batching procedures help mask individual balance and transfer data. Create tokens with optional “Confidential Transaction” mode, for amplified anonymity.

Reducing frictions

Mintlayer allows financial markets to operate without blockchain’s current limits by enabling cheaper, faster transactions, free of native gas tokens.

About the new Funding

Decentralized Finance protocol Mintlayer has secured $5.2 million via seed funding round.

Mintlayer is already working closely with several prominent VCs that focus specifically on the blockchain space, with this new round seeing Alphabit, Moonwhale, 4SV, X21, and Iconomy Partners joining as advisors to the Mintlayer project.

The team has described its vision as being one where the DeFi market can achieve long-term sustainability, with the protocol offering marked improvements over alternative implementations on top of Bitcoin (RGB, Omni, Rootstock) and other blockchains like Ethereum or Tron. The team is currently working towards a testnet release, while the mainnet launch is expected in the first quarter of 2022.

Before the launch of the mainnet, MLT tokens for the Public Sale will be issued both as ERC-20 and Rootstock tokens, which will later be ported 1:1 to Mintlayer’s mainnet. Mintlayer’s ultimate and ambitious goal is to replace alternative tokenization standards on Ethereum and Rootstock with the Mintlayer standard ( MLS ) for the entire crypto industry.

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