Deep Dive into Nakamoto Games Token

Nakamoto Games offers gamers worldwide the opportunity to participate in countless blockchain-based games and generate a sustainable and sizable income

NAKA tokens will have deflationary dynamics with part of each weekly prize pool being burned. This fosters favorable supply-demand dynamics for NAKA tokens with the supply perpetually being reduced while gamers will need to consistently demand tokens to access the ecosystem.

About the NAKA Token

The NAKA Token is integral to the Nakamoto Games play-to-earn ecosystem. It gives players access to any of the games within the ecosystem while also providing a system to reward the most skillful players.


NAKA tokens are at the heart of all games in the Nakamoto Games ecosystem. They provide the necessary fuel for gamers to participate in any of the games on the platform. One of the first games will be a shooting-based game where NAKA tokens will be used to acquire ammunition within the game.


The NAKA tokens that are used in games are pooled into a weekly prize pool and partially burned. The gamers who rank highest on the leaderboards for individual games will be distributed rewards from the prize pool.


NAKA token holders will also participate in the governance of the platform, voting on proposals such as the burning of NAKA tokens and the structure of the weekly prize pools.

Over 65% of the world has an internet connection. 43% of Americans can’t meet monthly living expenses. Developing countries fare far worse with many relying on remittances from overseas family members.
Play-to-earn gives anyone with an internet connection the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency and generate a sustainable source of income.
Nakamoto Games
is building the premier play-to-earn ecosystem where players can earn in endless blockchain-based games and developers can deploy games to a broad user base.

The Nakamoto Games IDO will take place in September. The exact date and time of the event and more details will be announced shortly.

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