Review on World Mobile Token

World Mobile Token is a blockchain-based solution to empower a sharing economy for telecommunications infrastructure.

The ticker for the token is WMT and has a hard cap of USD 40,000,000. this token is a Cardano Native Token. The project is built on the CARDANO blockchain, a top 10 decentralized network supported by one of the leading technology firms in the sector.

Aim of the Company.

The World Mobile Token (WMT) is a digital token that is issued with the purpose of allowing the participants to provide a service on the network and be rewarded accordingly for it. The primary role of WMT is to incentivize both token holders that want to support the operation of the network by way of delegating their WMT stake to a node operator (stakers) as well as node operators that operate their own node.

World Mobile Token’s mission is to build the world’s largest mobile network, delivering universal, affordable, high-quality connectivity throughout Africa and beyond by 2030.

Upon its release in Africa, World Mobile Chain will serve as a showcase for the next generation of RealFi applications and in turn, become the foundation for telecommunications, financial inclusion, and sharing economies.

Use of the Token

  • The World Mobile Chain draws its circular economic incentives from WMT. In addition to telecommunications processing, World Mobile Chain handles all other transactions on the network.

  • The World Mobile Chain transaction platform will be integrated with Cardano’s mainnet, allowing node operators to decide whether to participate based on the network’s scale and revenue margin, above Cardano’s network fees.

  • Additionally, all node operators and stakeholders will receive WMT payment for inflation. Inflation is decelerating in the network early on, ensuring more rewarding rewards until year twenty when there is no inflation. As the network matures, node operators are rewarded based on their performance, ensuring a balance between risk and reward.


  • Experienced Team: With over 10 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, the core team has built a series of telecommunications businesses. Among their skill sets, they have expertise in renewable energy as well as business and technical telecom expertise, as well as experience on the ground in Africa. World Mobile has an established track record for delivering connectivity to hundreds of villages each month in difficult conditions.

  • A noble project: Bringing connectivity to Africa is a pre-requisite to increase standards of living in several countries, including rural areas, across the African continent. However legacy infrastructure is too expensive to reach rural areas (1km of fiber optic cable costs 30.000 USD)  and existing business models are outdated (Africa would need 500.000 Km of fiber optic cables to achieve full-connectivity.

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