Coco-cola to Launch its NFTs

Tafi an Avatar developer has partnered with Coca-cola to launch virtual wearables as non-fungible tokens as (NFTs)

These NFTs will the Coca-Cola’s first collection and celebration of International Friendship Day. The proceeds of this auction will go towards the Special Olympics. This will include a ‘wearable’ jacket for Avatars in the Decentraland metaverse.

This NFT is inspired by vending machines, the NFT is a “Coca-Cola Friendship Box” inside the box there are 3 unique NFTs: a branded bubble jacket, a sound visualizer (such as the sound of a bottle opening or a brverage being poured over ice), and friendship card inspired by the collectible trading cards launched by Coca-Cola in the 1940s.

Additional prizes to be unveiled when opened. One specific feature of the NFT is that the digital assets can be worn within the virtual world Decentraland.

Coca–Cola will be hosting a “Rooftop Party” on the platform to celebrate the launch.

Meanwhile, Tafi has an avatar creation platform and partners with brands to develop avatars, avatar clothing, and NFT collections. The company has partnerships with Samsung for AR Emoji’s clothing, VRChat for in-chat avatars, and clothing brand Champions for NFTs, among others. 

The NFTs launched in partnership with Coca-Cola were developed alongside creative agency Virtue and will be auctioned on marketplace OpenSea for 92 hours beginning on July 30.

This is Coca-Cola’s first use of blockchain to enhance engagement and brand awareness in virtual worlds.

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