Indian Companies Accept Crypto Payments

These companies are taking Cryptocurrency hype to the next level.

Though there is a lack of regulations on cryptocurrency there is a craze in the Indian market. Investors are indulging in Bitcoin and Altcoins through crypto exchanges in India. The purpose of buying this cryptocurrency is for investment, whereas the ultimate goal of these tokens is to provide the modern means of exchange.

If in India and you are planning to buy cryptocurrency or actually hold some, these companies in India will accept payments in crypto instead of fiat currency, for example, the rupee.

Bitrefill– At Bitrefill you can purchase Gift Cards or mobile refills from more than 1650 businesses in 170 countries. You can pay quickly, safely and privately with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.

HighKart– HighKart was founded in 2013. HighKart is an online e-commerce store that sells multiple things such as clothes, mobiles, computersand even crypto-mining equipment. It accepts Bitcoin for the payment of any products purchased.

The Rug Republic– The Rug Republic is a decor brand and has a presence in 90 countries. The has started accepting crypto payments. The company will be using WazirX and Binance platforms for cryptocurrency transactions.

Purse– Purse is one of the few Indian platforms that accept Bitcoins and major cryptocurrencies. The purse does not use any third party to convert to cash, you can directly make crypto payments and buy electronics

Sapna– Sapna uses Unocoin which is one of India’s leading crypto exchanges. From Sapna, you can buy items from any part of India and make payments with crypto tokens. It takes only 30 seconds to process the payments.

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