BlankWallet Airdrops New Tokens

The Chainswap first attack took place on 2nd July. The platform reported the exploit of more than $800,000 in damage.

The second exploit that took place on the 10 of July also resulted in a loss of $8million, for more information on the exploit click here

A lot of projects got harmed in this exploit, one of the wallets that go affected was the Blank Wallet

After the second Chainswap exploit on the 11th July Blankwallet announced that all the liquidity had been withdrawn from ETH/BLANK pool on Uniswap due to another possible chainswap hack. the also asked the traders to withdraw the liquidity until further notice

Later Blank Wallet announced that the recovery plan will be announced soon.

On the 13th of July blank sent in another tweet asking the traders to withdraw liquidity, and also to those who bought tokens post hack could also sell them.

Later they announced that they are finalizing details with ChainSwap and CEXs to resolve the incident and a compensation plan will be implemented soon.

The new token will be released in the coming days. $BLANK holders will be airdropped the same number of tokens that they held back.

On the 16th of July Blank Wallet started airdropping the new $BLANK tokens to all holders that they have started airdropping the new $BLANK token to all holders on our snapshot of block 12802122. You will receive the airdrop if you held $BLANK tokens at this time.

Their new contract address: 0x41a3dba3d677e573636ba691a70ff2d606c29666

Tokens will be airdropped in different stages, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t immediately receive your tokens.

The new token will be locked and unavailable to sell or purchase until the airdrop has been completed and all safety checks have been made. This is to confirm that everything is in place with liquidity providers and CEXs to ensure a smooth transition and allow all holders to start on equal footing.

they will announce when everything is finished.

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