All You Need to know About HOPR Protocol

HOPR (pronounced ‘hopper’) is a privacy-preserving messaging protocol and a decentralized network with economic incentives on a blockchain.

HOPR provides privacy by relaying messages through multiple “hops” via different relay nodes connected to the network. These messages use the Sphinx packet format to avoid leaking any data about their contents, the sender or the recipient.

The HOPR network relies on multiple individuals running instances of the HOPR Core Service (HP-CS) over a public-available infrastructure. The HP-CS runs in multiple devices and operating systems over the internet.

How does HOPR Work?


The HOPR network is a decentralized incentivized mixnet, ensuring complete data and metadata privacy for everyone who uses it. Data is sent via multiple hops, so no-one but the sender and receiver know the origin, destination, or content of a data transfer.


HOPR’s unique proof-of-relay mechanism means every node runner is incentivized to correctly relay data in exchange for HOPR tokens. Anyone can run a HOPR node to earn HOPR tokens and contribute to online data privacy.


HOPR’s custom layer-two scaling solution is based on probabilistic payment channels. This ensures fully decentralized settlement without unnecessary blockchain transaction fees, all while protecting node runners’ metadata.

HOPR is now avaliable at Uniswap

Features of HOPR


Spend HOPR tokens to send data through the HOPR network with complete data and metadata privacy.


Lock HOPR tokens in your node to relay user data and cover traffic. The more you stake, the more data you can relay, and the more you can earn.


From technical parameters to the composition of the HOPR board of directors, participate in decentralized, community-enabling governance.

The HOPR protocol has already made a splash with its unique gamified and incentivized testnets, but now they’re taking it to the next level. A recent announcement from the team at HOPR reveals that HOPR token holders will be able to start staking in a unique gamified incentive scheme as early as next month.

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