All About The Scaleswap IDO.

The SCA token utility builds the central element of our ecosystem. It is the primary factor to obtain a high ScaleSCORE, where features are unlocked at certain token thresholds. Team is fully committed to utilizing SCA token to incentivize vital growth within the community.

The Sale will begin on the 25th of June, 2021. For more Details about ScaleSwap click here

Details about the IDO

  • Tokens for Sale: 500,000SCA
  • ICO Price: $0.350000
  • Fundraising Goal: $175,000
  • Where to buy: Scaleswap


Scaleswap’s economy is 100% token-centric and will support and incentivize liquidity provision extraordianry. Fees will need to be paid in our native SCA token, of which the vast majority will be immediately burned.

Robust Privacy: CryptoNote protocol based privacy standards for transactions.

Progressive proof of work algorithm: Cuckoo graphing improves verification speed substantially making block propagation much faster.

Bullet proof Technology: Decreases cryptographic proof sizes.

15 Second Block Time: Faster confimations and higher transaction throughput.

Reasonable Transaction Fee: Establishes a working economy discouraging the mining of empty blocks.

Small Dynamic Sized Blocks: Improved network performance and stability.

Feeless: Born without governance fees and adheres to a feeless governance model. Swap uses fees to incentivize network security.

No Premine: Equal, fair and open community release.

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