Token Sale is now live on DAO Maker is conducting a Strong Holder Offering (SHO) on DAO Maker. It goes live from today the 7th of June-12:00 UTC and the Registration Deadline is 9th of June 12:00 UTC is bringing cross-chain risk parity smart farming to the world of decentralized finance. Formation Fi’s $FORM token, which fuels the ecosystem that has been built to unleash Smart Yield Farming 2.0, will be available for the public on DAO Maker’s fundraising platform.

The event comes after a successful strategic funding round during which it raised $3.3 million.

Here are the main details about our $FORM SHO:

  • SHO Date: June 7, 2021–12:00 UTC
  • IDO token price: $0.03
  • Maximum Allocation: $500

Community Round is Live!!

Join project socials and complete the form to be a part of the community round. for the form click here

About FORM utility token

As with most other DeFi startups, it has its own governance token called FORM which will be used for yield farming incentives.

Formation Fi has labeled it as a “triple utility token” as it also enables a 50% revenue sharing allocation to holders and can be used for secret members-only liquidity pools.

The total supply will be one billion tokens with a 2% annual inflation and a ten year release roadmap. The distribution breakdown will see 40% of the tokens go to the rewards and liquidity incentives, 25% to the team, 20% into the pre-sale and IDO, and the rest for the network.

The vast majority of the proceeds from FORM token sales will go into developing the technology and ecosystem development.

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